The Importance of Food at an Event:

I was lucky enough to cultivate a love for food traveling with my parents from a young age – Ramen in Japan, Peking Duck in Beijing, “Barbie” Shrimp in Australia, and to this day, nothing is more satisfying than a British Sunday Roast – Yorkshire pudding and all.  This love and interest grew working alongside arguably the greatest catering kitchens in Los Angeles – and the Chef’s that commanded them.

Events are ultimately about hospitality – the earliest forms of this go back to biblical times when people open their homes to guests, even strangers and break bread.  This sharing of food is what the rest of hospitality is based around – a gracious host, a gathering of people, conversation and connections.  Don’t underestimate the power and value of the food – many events are built around what is being served – from the deliciously simple tea sandwiches at a luncheon, to the wedding banquet – who has a wedding without food?  No one.  It’s not just about feeding people – its about hosting them. 

Menu development is a joy to me – the creativity, collaboration with a Chef and then to taste it all in the end makes the process well worth it.  Whatever the occasion, big or small, there is never a missed opportunity to do something surprising.

  • A continental breakfast doesn’t need to be blasé – there’s so much room for creativity with food! Think outside the “breadbox” – scones, artisan breads, spreads and fruits elevate a guest’s options.

  • Instead of a plated dinner – try specialty food stations – people get to intermix, mingle, and talk about the food – what a great icebreaker!

  • This can be applied to your smaller at home gatherings too - having the girls over for “wine & cheese”? Change it up with sake & sushi!