Styled Shoot Etiquette

As an Event Planner, the idea of a Styled Shoot is FUN!  A chance to get creative -  showing off your style and aesthetic with no one else in mind but you and your vendors! 

Before you hit the ground running, here are 10 things that are important to consider:

Elizabeth Lin Johnson, Lizzie's Bakery
Photo courtesy of Julia Silva Photography

Go outside the box
Be unexpectedly beautiful
Do something you are unlikely to have a client come up with on their own
This is where you can be the most creative, so go for it!!

2. PIN IT!
Put together an inspiration deck of images - by all means, use Pinterest!  Create a board to frame your vision - color palette, theme, aesthetic, shots...  This is to offer inspiration and create a mood for your team - I don't recommend asking vendors to copy or recreate - More on this in #3.  Share the entire deck to your vendor team which encourages cohesion overall.  Don't forget to Pin your own photos after the shoot is over - you never know what client is following you, or your board. 

Collaboration is key, so make sure this is an opportunity for your vendors to get creative too!  For some Artists, a florist for example, a pave of blush roses is likely to be something they are asked for on a regular basis, and photos of them already exist in their portfolio.  Ask them what inspires them about your theme, and what they'd like to contribute! 

Make sure you know who you're working with - and choose with intention.  Do not pick a baker just because they make cakes - they have their own signature style too!  Impressed with their skills on a rustic naked cake with berries?  Great, but don't assume that same vendor is interested in your modern, geometric theme.  If you are asking for something very specific - offer to at least cover cost of materials.  Creatives shine the brightest when they're working on something they're excited about! 

Conrad Haberland, Amy Haberland Photography
Photo courtesy of Amy Haberland Photography

Similarly, choose a photographer who works in the style of your shoot.  If they're aesthetic is light and airy, but your shoot is bright and bold - its probably not a good fit.  Maybe there is a photographer who you've worked with in the past, or someone who's work you admire - reach out!  A Styled Shoot is a great opportunity to get to know each other when the pressure is off.

Make a plan!  Make a list of all the shots you want - tablescape from above, all those little details, full room, or behind the scenes of you and your vendors.  It's best to let your photographer know ahead of time, so they know what lenses they'll need to bring AND it will help you be organized day of: What needs to be ready first, and what's next? Maybe you have wardrobe changes - Make the most of everyone's time and energy.

A Styled Shoot belongs to you, and your vendor team - so have FUN!  Turn up the music and dance in the background!  No one is watching, and there's no one to take care of - so relax and get to know each other!  What other opportunities are there to let your hair down and create together like this?

Abby Borden, Table Set Go
Photo courtesy of Amy Haberland Photography

Who doesn't love seeing themselves tagged in a photo or caption? Shout out to all your vendors, the venue, assistants and photographer - and they're going to be equally as excited to share the love back!  Make sure to check all your social media platforms - tagging on Instagram doesn't translate to Facebook.  Hyperlinks in a blog post helps both you, and them, with SEO - and who couldn't use more help there?!

Whether submitting to a magazine or blog, or simply sharing on your own - caption with intention.  Think about who you want to see it - foodies?  brides?  other vendors?  Make sure you're using keywords both in the article, and in your hashtags to attract that audience.

Styled Shoots take work, and still cost everyone a little bit - whether that be talent, time, materials - or all of the above!  The best way to thank them?  Call when you have the paying gig!  That's why we all do it - to attract the client, and be there when they call.  It takes someone giving, for another to receive - that is how the world goes 'round!

Left to Right: Conrad Haberland,  Amy Haberland Photography  Jason Lloyd,  By Jason Lloyd  Sabrina Fay Pierce,  DIY LA Bride  Aisha Harris,  Katie's Kreations Events  Photo courtesy of Amy Haberland Photography

Left to Right:
Conrad Haberland, Amy Haberland Photography
Jason Lloyd, By Jason Lloyd
Sabrina Fay Pierce, DIY LA Bride
Aisha Harris, Katie's Kreations Events
Photo courtesy of Amy Haberland Photography